Ten Things Pastor Kristen Would Like You to Know:

1. There is a lot going on Sunday mornings and my ADD brain gets easily overwhelmed. If you tell me something on Sunday morning that you would like me to remember, please write it down or send me an email reminder.
2. As many of you know I am a hugger. That said, I know not everyone is. I will only hug you if you start it.
3. I am on Facebook and would love to be friends with all of you. I also know not everyone wants to be friends with the pastor so I don’t send friend requests, I only accept them.
4. You will not find me in my office on a regular schedule. Once we get started most of what I do takes place outside of my office. However, I am available to meet with people; we just need to make those arrangements ahead of time.
5. Along those lines, I will be looking for a local restaurant to have weekly “office hours” at. If you have any suggestions of places that are open from 3-6, I’d love to hear them!
6. Rest assured Bible Study will be back in the fall.
7. My job is to help you do what you feel God is calling you to. If you have ideas for ministries you would like to try, I’d love to hear them.
8. Yophie, my dog, is a Brittany. Her name is Hebrew for beautiful. I’m kind of nerdy like that.
9. King Eglon, my frog, has a biblical name. Read Judges 3:12-25 and see if you can figure out why I would have given my giant frog this name.
10. Most importantly, Chris and I are beyond excited to be serving among you and are excited to see what God has in store for Reed City!

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