2020.  What will it bring?


     2019 has passed away.


     Now, all things are new. Let us move on from the trials and tribulations of last year and yet remember the victories that we had.  The Bible tells us to recount the good things which God has done for us.  That will strengthen and encourage our hearts.


     We should live in the now and not the past or even the future.  We need to be present.  Present in our daily lives, to work and love our Lord, families and even our neighbors.  Who is our neighbor, you may ask?  Everyone.  All people on planet Earth are our neighbors... 


     I know what you are thinking, your neighbor "so and so" is not friendly and you disagree with the way they cut their grass or don't.  And maybe their house needs maintenance and new fences.  The list goes on and on and to say nothing of our neighbors physical and moral condition.  I know some of our fellow inhabitants are just...different.


     Different...aren't we all a little bit different?


     God's word says that the greatest commandment is to 'love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.  And Jesus said the second greatest commandment is like the first, "Love your neighbor as yourself."


     Love your neighbor as yourself.  It sounds simple and easy.  Unfortunately, you and I know that many times it can be very difficult.

     But what if we could, what if we really did it?  What changes would we see on our beautiful blue-green world?  Changes, can we even imagine what God could do?

     I for one pray to see it.  To see what God's love in all people could bring...




     Christmas Time is Here


     This is a time when we gather with family and friends. We share delicious meals and gifts wrapped with care. It is a great holiday to remember one another and what is important in this life.

     Doesn't it all pass so quickly? Weeks and months, even years speed along at an astonishing rate. Believe me, I've been on Earth long enough to testify to that!

     'He is the reason for the season.' We've all heard that expression over time, but it is still true. Jesus Christ was born in a manger in Bethlehem a very long while ago. He was a gift of love from God the Father, given to all people that we might be saved. Redeemed by His forgiving power that we might live forever in Heaven.

      The Bible promises that there will be no tears there. Only peace and joy will be the order of the day, an eternal day. Truly, I hope to see you all there in paradise...


     I have a riddle for you and it should take a minute or two for you to figure it out:  What holiday icon shares the same name with one of Santa's reindeer?

     I'm sure you'll find the answer so I'm not going to give it to you.


     Thanksgiving 2019

     It came and went so quickly.

     Turkeys were basted with care and sugar cured hams filled many ovens. Stuffing was created with the chef's own personal flair along with creamy mashed potatoes and gravy, wonderful pies and whatever else could find room to roast in the oven.

     Soon the great meal was served and enjoyed. The clean-up of table and kitchen eventually began amid heavy sighs of overloaded stomachs and very satisfied appetites. Laughter filled the air as thoughts of unneeded dessert would have to wait for quite a spell.

     I hope that your thanksgiving was full and complete. And especially filled with the presence of your family and friends ...Because without them, it seems to me, it would be quite a long and lonely time.

     Yes. We all know the sad fact that a few dear people spent the holiday alone. 

     But know this:  the Lord of heaven is a faithful God and His eye is ever on us. His love is forever pursuing us and we are never alone.  Truly, you are never alone ...Amen.

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