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Pastor's Page   Never Say Never -- Sermon Series

Dear friends,

    Never say never — that is an adage  certainly true much of the time. 

    Looking back over my life, I laugh at some of the “nevers” I know I proclaimed at one time or another.
    “I’ll help babysit, but I will never change a dirty diaper for one of the grandchildren.”
    “I am glad Dave gets to have some time outdoors, but I will never go hunting with him.”
    “Sure you can get a couple of cows, but I will never be the one who feeds or cares for them. Because if I did, I would NEVER be able to eat one.”

     Yeah, none of those nevers stayed as nevers.

     However, there are times when NEVER is definitely the word to use. As we go into the season of Lent, our desire is through self-examination, we emerge 40 days later on Easter morning as new creations, full of new life given to us through Christ. As we look at the ways we repeat or set ourselves up for failure, it would be good to adopt a few “nevers” that would point us toward  being the people God intended us to be from the beginning.

     To this end, my sermons during the season of Lent and into Easter morning are going to be based on Dr. Henry Cloud’s book, Never Go Back. During the Sundays of Lent, our series will include: 

     I hope this year, Lent will be a season that we will never regret and never forget.
In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Kathy

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