From Pastor Kristen

New and Different andThe Same Old Thing

It is always exciting to begin something new. I can remember my first day of Kindergarten, that first day of Middle School, starting High School, and especially my first day of college. As the oldest in my family I was (and mostly still am) up for any adventure. I loved going to camp and couldn’t understand why my mom called me in tears just hours after they had left Marquette, having dropped me off all situated in my dorm room. This is how I tend to approach new adventures, full of joy and excitement to see what can be done.

One of the struggles, however, is that I tend to want to do everything all at once and that doesn’t work so well. I have learned that the same thing applies to a new church appointment. Before I arrived and
especially since I have been getting to know you, ideas of things we can do together have been flying through my head. What I’ve had to re-mind myself is that we can’t do it all at once and do it well.

That said, there are some things we will be doing. We are trying a different model for Sunday School. I know that there are those among us who will not be thrilled with the time that we chose. The reality is no time is perfect for everyone and we made the decision based on what we thought would work best for the most people. If it’s not your first choice, try it, it may be better than you thought.

Also, you may find that there are things our church has been doing
forever that you just wish we could change. Please know that I am working with leadership to assess what might need to be changed, and while there is a temptation to change some things quickly, experience reminds me that taking our time and doing things well will work much better.

Our walk with Christ, whether individual or as a church commu-nity, is not a quick trip, but a journey. As the Holy Spirit guides us, we will be challenged to try new things, do some things differently, and stick with traditions. Change in whatever form it presents itself, even if it’s something we are excited about, can be really hard; but if we trust in God’s guidance, we will experience blessings and miracles beyond our expectations.

May you see God at work in your life and in the world today and always!

Pastor Kristen

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