God's message is waiting for you:
Livestream Worship Service on Facebook
10 am Sunday Worship on radio Sunny 97.3 fm

10 am Sunday In-Person-Worship is on hold until further notice due to Covid-19
The Reed City United Methodist Church​ welcomes all to join us in worship and service to the Lord.  
We are located at 503 S. Chestnut in Reed City, MI.  

Are there any other special worship services available?

    During various parts of the Christian calendar, UMCRC offers several other special worship opportunities.

For Christmas Eve, RCUMC offers two opportunities to worship.  During Lent, services are held on Ash Wednesday at 6 pm.

When is communion available?

     As with many United Methodist churches, UMCRC offers the sacrament of Communion on the first Sunday of every month. Communion is also offered during several other special services as part of the seasons of the Christian calendar.


What style of worship does UMCRC offer?

     We offer United Methodist Worship that is inclusive of many flavors of worship.  We value traditional worship but also appreciate many of the more contemporary styles of worship.

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