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A Half Century of Offering Christ to Our Community

On October 29, 2023, Reed City UMC will celebrate a half century of ministry in its present building and location. As a congregation, our history reaches back much further to 1867, but this year we are focusing on the past 50 years, 1973-2023. During this relatively brief span of 50 years momentous events took place in the life of the Reed City UMC as well as in the world at large. Here is just a glimpse of what happened in the world in 1973. Gasoline was 40 cents a gallon, and a dozen eggs could be had for 45 cents. By October of that year, OPEC will drastically reduce the production of crude oil, increasing the price by 200%.


In Paris, France, the United States ends its involvement in the Vietnam War by signing a peace treaty, ending almost 20 years of hostilities.

Roe vs. Wade makes abortion an US constitutional right.

Oglala Lakota Native Americans and members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) began their occupation of Wounded Knee in South Dakota that February, highlighting the continuing discrimination against the first peoples in America.

Britain, Ireland, and Denmark join the European Union.

NASA launches the Mariner 10 Mercury probe spacecraft.

The Sears Tower in Chicago is completed in May of 1973.


So much for a few of the events that were happening in the United States and the rest of the world in the year the Reed City UMC moved into its new location and building.

The Reverend Forrest E. Mohr was serving in Reed City during the building and dedication of our present church facility, and since then, 8 pastors have served you during this half century of worship and ministry.


We are at present putting together a PowerPoint presentation for a ‘show-and-tell’ time during and after our celebration on the 29th of October.

We will share stories and memories of all the great things God has done in our midst and through our presence in this community.

And, … we will re-dedicate our beautiful church facility and ourselves as a congregation to making a difference in Reed City and beyond in the next half century!

Just imagine, what will the next 50 years bring?


Excited to celebrate and discover God’s goodness together with you,


Pastor Daniel

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