What strange times we are living in. Today I am sitting in my office, the church doors are locked, and there is only one other person in the building. Wednesday is usually one of the busier days around the church, but today it’s really quiet. It’s almost eerie. But then I am reminded that even though we refer to the building as “the church” its not. The building is just that, a building. This is the part where you are lucky this is in print because as I type I am loudly singing one my all time favorites, We Are The Church. In case you aren’t familiar the words are: “I am the Church, you are the Church, we are the Church together.” All who follow Jesus, all around the world, yes we’re the Church together.
       There are several verses to this song, but the one I reminded of tells us that the Church is not a building, steeple, or resting place, but is actually the people. Since we have been forced to socially distance ourselves physically, it has been really amazing to me to see us find other ways to care for each other and be the Church. People have been calling to check in on each other, making sure needs are met, learning to communicate online, and rallying around the needs of our community.
       This season seems really difficult, and most of us can’t remember a time when anything like this has ever happened, but we know that this is not new for humanity or God’s people. There are countless examples of God’s people being cut off from one another in the scriptures. In fact, if Paul hadn’t been under house arrest and cut off from the churches we might not have the letters we have, and that’s a big chunk of scripture.
       The reality is that this is not going to be easy. As someone who loves hugs, I am really feeling being physically cut off from all of you. It’s been fun to try some new things, but as it seems less and less likely that we will be back for Easter that is weighing heavily on my soul. There are three things that I am trying to remember.
       One, everything is for a season. This too shall pass, and we will remember Covid-19 in much the same way that we now speak of the blizzard of ’78.
       Two, God is in control. No matter how scary or hopeless it may seem our God is bigger than our fears. God’s got this, and us. We simply have to trust in him.
       Three, God makes all things good! No matter what happens God will bring good out of it.
When I find myself getting anxious I try and shift my mind to thoughts of how God is going to put His spin on all of this. Imagine the possibilities.
       Friends, we serve a God who is above all, even Covid-19. We know that no matter how hard it gets God will never abandon or forsake us. Here at the church building, we will be doing our best to bring God’s word and encouragement and to be here however you may need us. Though the storm may rage for a while, we need to remember to continue to praise God, to put our trust in God’s provision. We will get through this if we remain calm, care for each other, and let God do the heavy lifting in regards to our worries.
       May this season not be about fear. May you find God’s blessing and through this trial find your faith and your relationship strengthened!
Praying for each and every one of you,
Pastor Kristen

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