Onward Toward Perfection
The Bible is filled with stories of God doing new things. Sometimes God’s people catch on quickly, but most of the time they have no idea what God is doing and usually mess it up quite a bit. As humanity we are not perfect, but with God’s grace we usually learn from our mistakes. This year we have seen a lot of change at RCUMC. We have changed our leadership structure, tried some new ministries (including a new worship service), and just for the fun of it, threw a pastoral change in there. Any one of these would be enough to upset our comfort zones, but together, well let’s just say a bit of chaos has ensued.
One of the things that happens when you try a new thing is that things that have been cared for for years tend to slip through the cracks. The changes that we have implemented have been good changes, but the time has come to evaluate how we might do some of those things better. For example, we will be looking at the former “First Light” service to envision how we could make that even better. Another thing we will be evaluating is our leadership structure.
As we have started to see places where things were being forgotten, I have had opportunity to consider our leadership governance model. It turns out that our understanding of how this works and how it is actually designed to work don’t match up. The leadership team was never intended to replace “every” committee, but that is how it seemed to work out here. While the old structure of assigning people terms on former committees won’t be returning, the leadership team will be evaluating how we can create ministry teams to continue the crucial work of the church.
I want to thank you all for your patience as we work through these
transitions. People almost never get things completely perfect on the first attempt and the church is made up of people. What I and the leadership team really need is for all of you to help us see what might be missing. We all have different experiences/roles and you have a perspective that can help us do better going forward. Please note, this is not an open invitation to grumble, but an opportunity for us to shine a light on those things that are falling through the cracks. As we work together we can move onward toward perfection, but it will take patience and all of us working together. Thank you for responding to God’s call to be the hands and feet of Christ. May you find God’s peace and love in all you do and may God speak His love into your soul!
Blessings, Pastor Kristen

Pastor Kristen and Chris Coristine

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