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WEDNESDAY KIDZ KLUB  3:30-5:00 pm 
Classes for PRE-K through HIGH SCHOOL

Our lessons will be based on these confirmations:

I am known; 

I am here to share Jesus; 

I am designed for a purpose; 

I am never alone;

I am uniquely designed; 

I am loved; 

I am broken; 

I am forgiven.

Kidz Klub Update

We are starting a card ministry to remember those who have birthdays, anniversaries, loss of a loved one, or any health issues. We will be using the bulletin as our resource, so if there is anyone you think could benefit from a homemade card from the kids, please let us know.

We have snacks every Wednesday for the kids and if anyone would like to donate, we try to keep it healthy – fruit, pretzels, cheese sticks, yogurt, trail mix, etc. We are always looking for more kids, so pass on the information. We meet every Wednesday from 3:30 to 5 pm. Elementary students can be picked up at the school and walked to the church, if needed.

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