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Reed City UMC Missions Team has accepted the following challenge. Watch for additional information on how YOU can make a difference for children:

The READERS TO LEADERS CAMPAIGN (Sept 10, 2022 to May 1, 2023) Each congregation is challenged to raise at least $600. These funds will support three ministry efforts:

A. Half of the funds will benefit the Liberia Scholarship Program of the Michigan Conference’s Liberia Ministry Partners.

B. Half of the funds will benefit the Michigan Conference’s Children Defense Fund Freedom Schools Program.

C. Finally, we are asking local churches to develop a missional commitment to a school in their own community.

Source: Readers to Leaders - The Michigan Conference (

UMCOR Sunday will be March 19, 2023

The Reed City Area Ministerial Association  COAT PANTRY 
is open for the last day of this season on March 15, 2023. 
We will re-open for next season's donations in September 2023.

The entrance on West Lincoln Avenue (door F) allows visitors easy access OR the main church entrance (door A) can be used.

All items are free to those in need of them.

Our Sock-and-Underwear Pantry is in service and is ready to accept donations of new socks and underwear for children and adults. 

The biggest need is for children; especially BOYS --  sized Toddler through 6-8 small.

Please see Cinda Locker if you have any questions. Donations can be left in the “Wish List” hamper next to the church office. Thank you!

Liberia Education Update
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New Life Center Updates-Zambia

Project Hope Updates

Mission Trip Update


     Thank you, church family for all your prayers and support for my recent mission trip to Africa. I traveled to Liberia on behalf of a missionary couple named Paul and JoAnna Lehman, and delivered baby number six, Brendon Josiah on February 18. After that, I returned to Camphor, where I had served at the United Methodist Boarding School in 2012 and 2013. Mary Davis is the head of the OB Department and my “sister-in-Christ!” Together we provided two midwifery seminars, one at Kakata, and the other “in the bush” at John Dean Town. Between the two classes, we served about 50 women called TBA’s, “Traditional Birth Attendants,” and TTM’s, “Trained Traditional Midwives.” Many told us they had heard the words before, but had not received an opportunity to practice on the pregnant ladies or “big bellies.” One of the special joys was a lady named Tinker who was carrying twins! Another joy was to see old friends at Camphor and familiar faces. There were a number of improvements to the boys and girls’ dorms, new teachers quarters and a new fence around the clinic. Several of the teachers are upgrading their skills with a higher level of certification at the Community College in Buchanan. Please join with me in continuing prayer for the educational opportunities, the medical care, and the spiritual support provided by the UMC in Liberia.


Deb Moore

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