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Greetings from your Lay Leader. Lent is now behind us, and our journey continues on as Easter people. Thank you to all who gave me input for my last correspondence. It really helps to hear from you about your feelings of what is happening or not happening in and around our church. In our meeting in March, Pastor Daniel and I discussed your comments and determined to continue working on discussing the work of building relationships within our congregation as well as with the greater community.


That in mind, first a shout out and “praise the Lord!” for all the “small groups” already gathering and working at building stronger and deeper relationships in and around our church. Besides the required formal Leadership and Finance Team, we have two active Bible study groups, Tuesday’s “In Stitches Group”, Wednesday’s “KIDZ KLUB”, Women’s Group, Handbell Ensemble, Missions Team, an informal after worship Coffee Hour discussion group, the Memorial Garden group, and the “Do-Crew” (aka Trustees). If there are other groups not mentioned, please let me know so they can be recognized. Our church building is also used for several outside groups and activities that provide assistance and support for the greater community, but more on that at a later time.


There is another group, once very active in our church, that seems to have languished and fallen by the wayside. I’m thinking specifically that an active Men’s Group meeting in our church would be an added blessing not only to the congregation but to the community at large. I’ll be talking to the men in our church about such a group, but would like input from anyone and everyone on this endeavor. It is my prayer that before the end of this year we can again celebrate a group of men from this congregation dedicated and working to do God’s will in this world.

Relationships not only need to be developed, strengthened, and deepened in this congregation, but also across our denomination. In light of that I will also endeavor to establish a group of Lay Leaders from across our District starting with the UMC churches of Osceola and Mecosta counties. By doing so, an information and planning network can be established among those churches to better facilitate inter-congregational activities and the ability to share news and ideas. Progress reports of this project will be forthcoming in future articles of The Lay Leader’s Corner.


Every journey begins with one step and continues one step at a time. Building our relationship with God, with each other, and with those we are yet to meet is another step we take “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World”.


Yours in Christ, and peace be with you,

Timothy Locker, Sr., your Lay Leader

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