September 20 2020 Worship Bulletin

Church family, friends and visitors,

    Good news! We invite you to again worship with us in our sanctuary on Sunday mornings at 10 am. Sunday School will meet at 9 am.

    We are wearing masks, sanitizing and social distancing as a matter of caring and practical application of our best efforts to keep everyone healthy. If you're unable to attend our worship in person, please connect with us on Facebook, YouTube or by radio at Sunny 97.3 -  WDEE-FM-97.3.

    At 10 am every Sunday, services are broadcast live on the radio at 97.3 FM and livestream on our Facebook page. The services are later posted on our YouTube Channel and Church website. 

    In a spirit of love, caring and cleanliness, our church building is not yet open for general use during the week. Some activities have resumed outside, but use of the building by church and outside groups will be re-evaluated on a weekly basis. 

    Our office manager will continue to be present most weekday mornings/afternoons, so if you have questions or needs, please call/leave a message at 231-832-9441. In the event of an emergency, call 810-252-4547.

    We look forward to a healthy and more normal time ahead, and pray for the wellbeing of all during these uncertain times. Flexibility and patience are our guides as we find comfort in God's presence and trust in His plan!    


9 am Sunday School
10 am  In-person Worship 
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9Livestream Worship,
Prayer time, Devotions

Listen to SUNDAY WORSHIP   10 am

on ​Radio: SUNNY 97.3 FM 

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Thank you for your continued faithfulness to the mission of our church. Because of your generosity we have been able to continue to employ our staff and be about the mission of the church. While you are still able to mail your offering, or drop it off in the church mailbox we are providing an online option through the Conference PayPal System. Click on the DONATE Button above to send your gift.

Wednesdays--Bible Study  10 am

Meet in the church narthex

(main entrance - door A)

Thursdays at Noon - Come Have Lunch with Pastor Kristen
You are invited to come have lunch with Pastor Kristen on Thursdays at 12 noon. We meet on the south side of the parking lot at the picnic tables. Bring your own lunch and beverage, along with a lawn chair, if you desire. If you would rather not bring lunch, that’s fine, too, just come and visit. This is an informal
socialization time with no agenda.

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