These are new and interesting times and we are trying to find ways that we can connect with each other without being face to face. We are learning things that will make this work better in the upcoming weeks.


There are a few ways you can connect.

Sunday mornings on the radio SUNNY 97.3 fm. We thought we had this working this week, but it didn’t seem to work that way. If our worship service hasn’t started by 10:05 or so, it likely means that the connection didn’t work and we won’t be on that week. This is what happened on March 15.


All Sunday morning services will be displayed in video format on this website

All Sunday morning services will also be on our Facebook page as well as Tuesday-Friday devotions at 10:30 am and prayer at 6 pm (they will be available any time after that, but that is when they will be live). You can access our Facebook page, even if you don’t have a Facebook account by clicking the following link:

Once you go to the link if you do not have an account just ignore the banner at the bottom asking you to sign-in or sign-up. If prompted to sign up, click “not now”. If you do have a Facebook account, go ahead and like us and you won’t miss anything we have to share.  Hang in there friends. As we learn more and improve our online presence, we will keep you updated on what new things we have to offer.  

Blessings,  Pastor Kristen  

April Calendar
April Reed
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Contact Information

Reed City United Methodist Church
503 S. Chestnut St.
Reed City, MI 49677
Carolyn Sims (Office Manager)
Phone: 231 - 832 - 9441      

Fax: 231 - 832 - 5641



9-9:45 am Sunday School
for Children and Adults
Adult Sunday School Class
is studying United Methodist history.
Copies of each week’s readings will be available in the literature rack near the church office.

Everyone is welcome!

10 am Worship Service

Radio: SUNNY 97.3 FM 10 am Sunday

March 29th Service

Check out our Service and Sermon Audio

For a Complete Listing of all our Audio, visit

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